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By: Kevin Winston and Emilia Barlowe

Donovan Moore has been in office since August of 2021, which is now almost half a year. He is Prime Minister of one of the largest countries in the community, Bloxburg United Kingdom (BUK). Over the last months, he has made major progress in many ways in the country as the 8th Prime Minister.

During the 1st month of his term, Donovan Moore and multiple other leaders signed what would be one of the largest treaties in the community. This was the Treaty of London, which allowed free trade between countries, the ability to register businesses in multiple treaty countries, and an equal currency. Donovan Moore also brought the House of Lords, citizenship, business, and trademark applications within this short time period.

The list gets even bigger when the timeframe is extended further. He also helped BUK join the Treaty of Washington, an even bigger treaty allowing dual-citizenship between many countries. In November, government was established in London. On January 28th and February 26th, the two overseas territories of Hong Kong and the Province of Canada were formed. Along with that, he has brought many citizens and businesses into BUK. It's clear he has made a major mark on the country which has brought it to what it is today.

To go along with my article, here is an interview that I had with Donovan Moore.


Questions by Emilia Barlowe

1. Following the events at Hong Kong, how do you plan to sustain and develop the region?

I assume that you are referring to the recent referendum about independence in Hong Kong. Naturally, to see that 100% of its population believes that staying under British influence is in its interest is proof that our country still is on the right track. Of course, Hong Kong has its own legislative council and Governor who are perfectly able to take care of matters on their own. I have full confidence in them and see no reason why my government should interfere in the affairs of a territory that has been provided with some freedom over decision-making.

2. Is there the possibility of newly emerging countries, (i.e. Argentina, Czechia) to establish stable foreign relations with BUK? 3. What are your plans for Northern Ireland? Are there any plans to develop the region further? By Emilia Barlowe

In the coming weeks, I plan on touring countries that BUK does not recognize to learn more about them and to see if we could potentially pursue closer relations with them. Our current recognition list is small, and I think that it is about time that we expand it.

3. What are your plans for Northern Ireland? Are there any plans to develop the region further?

Northern Ireland is devolved, meaning that it has power over numerous matters just like Hong Kong. The NI Executive is currently led by a branch within my party that is represented by the very dedicated and competent Timothy Laurence. I would recommend contacting them to get a more accurate idea of what they are doing to continue to grow the home-nation.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

By Kevin Winston

Hong Kong has existed in the community since the end of January, and since then has experienced major development, from legislation to elections. However, The HKSE (Hong Kong Stock Exchange) has made a comeback recently.

On the 29th of January this year, the Stock Exchange Act of 2022 was proposed. 2 days after, the first closing of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange happened, however the termination of the HKSE account shut down the stock exchange. But within the last 2 weeks, the HKSE has come back after the twitter account came back, with even more businesses registered this time. The official 2nd closing concluded on Friday, with much more stocks. People can also now buy stocks in companies like Euronews Index.

But to me, the idea of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is really interesting. I believe it has the potential to greatly expand the Hong Kong economy, the fact that people all over the world from Canada to Hong Kong can buy stocks into companies. The HKSE is also a great way to show which businesses are performing well in the community and which businesses are not. For many corporations, this is a great tool to show how well their company is doing. The Stock Market in the community to me is an innovative idea, especially in the business sector, while it also helps grow the number of businesses registered in Hong Kong.

WORLD: Veronica Carrington makes victory for Progressive Conservative Party in Canadian Elections


On the 16th of April, the Canadian Elections ended with Veronica Carrington making a victory in the election. Erika McClaine, leader of the alliance party, tied with Veronica, who is now Deputy Prime Minister of Canada. Many including the Prime Minister and Governor General of Canada congratulated her on her win. However, she was given unanimous confidence for one week by the parliament. This means she has one week to do something good for the country or she will be ousted by the premier. Will she stay in her position or be ousted? Only time will tell for now.

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Euronews Bloxburg

Euronews Bloxburg provides news in Bloxburg Europe and the World. We are not affiliated with the real Euronews in any way. Twitter: @EuronewsBloxFan

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