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Main Headline: BUK’s North American Province

In Bloxburg Politics, Canada has gone through many leaderships, from BDC to BGC to now, the Province of Canada. More than a month ago, the Treaty of Ottawa was signed. Although it seems that development has slowed, the next few weeks might be one of the highest growth periods for Canada.

Ishaan Patel is the House of Commons speaker, but also the Governor-General of Canada. Ever since he was appointed, he has brought residency applications, state media, and more. Today I interviewed Ishaan Patel, the Governor General of Canada.


Hello, Ishaan Patel. Welcome to your Euronews interview. I will ask you a few questions related to Canada and your career.

Thank you, I’m glad to be here.

What were your first thoughts when you were appointed?

Well, I was obviously aware of the Treaty of Ottawa, before it was even signed — my good friend, Prime Minister Moore informed me of the decision because he knew of my passion for Canada. But, at no point did I really ever expect to be appointed, when it was made official, I thought immediately I should start getting to work for all Canadian residents, and while development has slowed a little bit, I expect that to change very soon, as you’ll see within the coming week. But to sum it up, you can say I was excited, at one point I audibly screamed of joy in real-life, so you can assess from that how elated I was.

Alright. It must have been very exciting for you to be appointed.

What are your current plans for the Province of Canada?

Democracy is the biggest factor we need to incorporate — we’ll be introducing legislation soon enough to essentially devolve Canada and give us self-governing powers. This will oversee the appointment of a Premier, the creation of a legislature, and the pavement for elections. Also, another factor is safety, we’ll be eventually introducing the “Mounties” as well. The future is bright!

Alright! Im very excited to see what’s going to come to Canada.

Are you planning on using inspiration from the previous government of Canada, which was for a short period led by King Charles III?

As you would know, I was a major player in that government — there were some irregularities, which now that we talk it over have noticed. We’ll use some aspects, yes, but for the most part a lot of things will be different, such as the political parties, as revealed in our discord server, the Liberals, which were the major governing party will be non-existent, due to all our members essentially finding themselves on the right-wing, it would be useless to have a left-leaning party.


Will the Province of Canada improve relations with the BUSA, considering Canada now shares a border?

Judging from how long I’m taking to answer that, you can tell it’s a complicated topic. It’s all up to the United States, I won’t try to force relations, but if they’re up to it I’ll be more than willing to cooperate.

Alright. We were wanting to ask, considering trade could be a big factor between your two countries.

I understand, we’ll look into potential relations in the future, once they’re willing.

Alright, that’s it for today’s interview. I enjoyed talking with you!

As you can see, Canada has a bright future ahead of it! In the interview, Ishaan Patel said that democracy will be coming to Canada, along with legislation to give them “Self-Governing Powers.” The Mounties will also be coming to Canada, allowing for more safety for citizens.

From my perspective, I also believe Canada has major potential in the future, mainly in trade. For the first time BUK and BUSA now border each other, and bridges/roadways can be built to connect the two countries for trade, as long as they get along with each other. Thanks for reading my article, this is Kevin Winston, good night, good morning, or good afternoon.

BUK: The Great Jubilee Wave Planned for Next Sunday

On the 10th of April, King Charles III will mark his 6 months reign as the Current Seated Monarch. Royals will wave on the balcony after celebrations, and anyone is welcome to come, as long as they stay behind the gates according to the BUK Community Server. Euronews will be streaming the event, so be sure to watch the stream if you can't attend!

Euronews Quick Bites

Everything else that happened this week in Europe!

  • Euronews returns to the community after a termination
  • BDEU officially recognizes Bloxburg Brazil as a nation
  • M&M World at Bloxburg Centre Closes



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